Nothing says Sunday afternoon like...

@AmourParisien maybe, but let me ask you this, are there or are there not hefty amounts of black people in this video? i see people as well but if your bitching to me about skin color, then let me also ask where are the white people? latinas? asians? jews? phillipinos? jews? if anything this video is racist, not that im expecting there to be anything but black people in this video anyway. taking that into consideration, that technically makes you a racist, condoning racial exclusion as normal

""""""hello everyone im a new upcoming rap and r&b artist looking for my chance to make it big in the music world this is my dream and im very talented, so im pushing out my freestyle videos hoping for someone to give me a chance so, could you all help me out by checking out my channel and giving feedback plese and thank you! im chasing my dreams!"
@bwatts106 3 hours ago