Tonight @ KGB

"It is said: the enemy of your enemies is your friend...Well, Movie Friends have no enemies! We're just a couple of guys tryin' to make it in this crazy world. And when we're on - we're ON! And tonight we're on with ISHTAR! Unspeakable crimes against music! Covert CIA operations! A blind camel! It's show-biz, folks! Ishtar is everything you wish...tar...This-tar is comedy gold! So, don't be a scmuck! Don't miss-tar ISHTAR! We're telling the truth - it's dangerous business! And we're NOT KGB agents - we're just entertainers...Bomb or Brillance? You be the judge...KGB tonight - 11pm and free as usual..." - Jeff

Opens tonight @ Real Fine Arts: Sam Pulitzer Gauges For 'Them.' Nov. 27 - Feb. 5, 2012.

"Wingspan," Idelle Weber, 1965

Weber, Wingspan, 11739 {gallery_year}

Thanks for Everything

'As a teen, Leah Dieterich hated when her mom nagged her to write thank-you notes. But as an adult, she noticed that when she felt grateful, she felt more at peace. So she started scribbling notes of gratitude to inanimate objects - $2 bills, the ocean, a headache - and saving them in a box.
"Dear air," she wrote. "Thank you for smelling like cookies right now." To a lip numbed by Novocain, she wrote, "Thank you for not looking like what you feel like you look."
In 2009, when her longtime boyfriend moved to New York City, she started a thankfulness blog "as a way to hold on to some little thing that could make me feel good everyday."
Thanking a car or burnt toast is gratitude in the the purest form, says Dieterich, 31, an advertising copy writer in Los Angeles and author of thxthxthx: thank goodness for everything.
"Sometimes when you write a thank-you note you are thinking about how that person's gonna feel. It's different when you're thanking an inanimate object because you know it's not gonna thank you back," she says.'

"Piece Mandala End War", Paul Sharits, 1966 (silent)

Hunk of the Month, Amy Goodman

OK righteous queefers, we know you love secrets. Secret jokes......secret gloves.....secret blogs... secret robes (uh, nice tassels)... But keep your eyes on this badonkadonkdonk, why don't you? As in, put this stogie in your blunt and beat it. Amy Goodman is the name and Democracy Now! is the game, "playas". Like, no hetero but, fuck secrets! This hunk is off the charts! And fuck the radio too when we can watch Amy stream in realtime every day the week @
We all wonder: How does she do it? On Top, that's how, Monday thru Friday. "Good-Man" is right. Democracy Now! may be trapped in a folk-genre nightmare when it comes to musical interludes, but when we see bombshell Amy, all we hear is Jewel's on-target lyric: "Picked up the paper, it was more bad news. My hearts been broken, the people been uuuused."

"Laughing Girl," Simon Hollósy, 1883

 Grace Jones - Sex Drive cover

Opening Tonight @ 1dM

2007 N. Point Street
Chicago, IL

Marilyn Manson Without the Makeup

Daniel Sullivan
Andrew Greene

November 19 - December 30, 2011

Opening reception: Saturday, November 19, 2011

Matt Connolly, 2011

Opening 2nite @ Balice Hertling & Lewis

Mary Beth Edelson

Film Center Building
630 9th Avenue (btwn 44 and 45 St)
Suite 403