The bullet hits the heart fired by the killer but the bullet kills. The boots stomping through the house oh God please make em stop! It's just some boots there are other fucking things going on it's just some damn boots on the fucking floor but the authority with which they stomp... the authority with which... No, it's just some fucking stomps what the fuck it's two stomps repeated say a hundred times maybe and authoritatively, okay, it's stomping but 

"Torse noyé" (Headless Torso), Alina Szapocznikow, 1968


Curated by Nina Culotta and Kathleen Hefty

John Bianchi - Violet Dennison - Graham Hamilton

Ben Horns - Andrew J. Greene - Patrick Groth
Sean Keenan & Jeff Eaton - Ann Greene Kelly

August 18th–September 9th, 2012


260 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11206 

Allen Jones

Ecuador Grants Asylum to Assange

Bjarne Melgaard

"Bolivia Set To Banish Capitalism"

"Bolivia Set To Banish Coca-Cola To  End Capitalism"

"Bolivia Set To Banish Coca-Cola To  End Of Capitalism"

"Canal Cinco," Ed Paschke

Sculpture Garden Opens Tonight!

Curated by Andrew J. Greene

August 4th, 2012 - June 2013

Ali Bailey, Andrew J. Greene, Bradley Kronz, Daniel Sullivan, Darja Bajagic, David Flaugher, Jared Madere,  Kristen VanDeventer, Sarah Sieradzki, Wilton Stewart and Winston McCarthy.

SCULPTURE GARDEN is an outdoor sculpture show. It will be documented via surveillance camera and a continuous live stream of this video will be available by link at at all times throughout the duration of the exhibition.