Met Robert Tree Cody a few years ago at a powwow in San Juan Baptista, tall and such an awesome husband talked with him at length ( my husband is Apache) and he spoke to my husband in Apache was beautiful to listen to. I love his flute playing, the music takes you to a diferent place!
Met Robert Tree Cody at a powwow about 10 years ago...what a great man he is....tall and serene...talked with him for a great husband, who is part Chiracuhua and Mescalero Apache and Mr. Cody had a lot in common...old souls coming together there. It was awesome. As great as his father, Iron-Eyes Cody!
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Mel Gibson is Hamlet 

"I've never been to the Guggenheim"

 “a really good ding-dong between two rich public figures.”

Brazillian Kayapo tribes take to Western courts to protest the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam that will wipe out their land and homes.

Beyond RISD Lecture Series

Maestro With the Turtle Tattoo

Chump of the Month: The New Museum

Whoa whoA 
whoOa! Person, Place, Thing, or Idea. No, not "The Thing," this PLACE IS BUNK.                                                And it doesn't even come in the mail quarterly. Easy target? We think so. But hey, Lets go see the Rosemarie Trockel show, then cruise LES galleries. Great day. Sunda: day of rest (D.O.R.). R.I.P.

                                                                       Whoa whoA wHoa whoOa! Kill me now. DRANKY. Person, Place, Thing, or Idea. No, not "The Thing," this PLACE IS  

                 BUNK. And it doesn't even come in the mail quarterly. Easy target? We think so. But hey, Lets go see the Rosemarie Trockel show, then cruise LES galleries. Great day. Sunda: day of rest (D.O.R.). R.I.P.                              Kill me now. DRANKY.What do U mean no windows? What kind of RETROspective is this, Dave? How serious can we take this so-called MU-Zzzz-UMMMMMM? Fresh undergrads, hey why don't you try to get an internship? Good bookstore, wut wut! More like                        internshiiiit.  OUCH! ZING!                   
That one huuurt. Did you go down that slide thing, wear the upside down mask? Ever heard of Urs Fischer? AH HOLE 

AH HOLE is having a solo show - 5th floor. See you on the balcony. DRANKY


"No, because all our reference points, everything we talk about, the way we act-- it's all clich├ęs." 

Now i'm no food critic, but this salad leaves much to be desired. What's wrong? No garlic and no onions ARE a problem, wouldn't you agree? True, there's this nice feta, olives, etc. I added a handful of last night's rice (weird) which improved things though it's a placebo. Was indolence why she whipped it up w/o garlic and onions? Goooood question, hard to tell... it was that fuzzy zone of justification "don't wanna have garlic breath for once" tossed with laziness. Sorry, I'm sorry to myself. Now time for forgiveness. Hang on, a text! Sheeni sez ";-(". Poor baby! Bad timing. This wretched lunch comes down to that. Like, why the "dash" of sesame oil? Isn't real-time chaotic enough? Why yes, yes it is, but no improvement to be found in the bowl. She eats it anyway. Whatever. Thanks for chatting i feel better now. 

Tech giant Google announced Tuesday that it has begun offering free public WiFi internet access in the southwest Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, close to its mammoth headquarters. According to Google, the new service — which was the product of a public-private effort by the company, city officials, and a local nonprofit development ogranization – will provide free Internet access to hundreds of thousands of people each year, making it the largest such WiFi network in New York City.
Google said that free WiFi is now available — today — outdoors, “roughly between Gansevoort St. and 19 St. from 8th Ave to the West Side Highway, as well as the neighborhood’s public spaces, including the Chelsea Triangle, 14th Street Park, and Gansevoort Plaza.” The WiFi network will not require a password.
“Google is proud to provide free WiFi in the neighborhood we have called home for over six years,” Ben Fried, the company’s chief information officer, said in a statement. “This network will not only be a resource for the 2,000+ residents of the Fulton Houses, it will also serve the 5,000+ student population of Chelsea as well as the hundreds of workers, retail customers and tourists who visit our neighborhood every day.”

She made her television film debut in 1987 with a role in the television film Frog and following this, made a number of guest appearances on several television shows.


Here's a riddle that will have you stumped FOREVER: what do you do if you're not a lesbian? 

We know, we know, most of you are stoked. Sure, it gets a little hectic, but chill. Treat yourself. We know, gay, straight, or bi, you'd rather be drinking a cappuccino. Come on, it's tru. We KNOW how much you LOVE experiences. I don't care what colour or creed you are, experiences are really cool. In fact, experience is so cool,  after blogging this I am going to take a little nap in the middle of Bushwick Ave. Why not? So many birds w. 1 stone! If you think I'm one toke over the line, you're right. 

But seriously, why not? 
I'm sensing a major void here, ppl. I am facing the fact that hunks are a myth. I don't even like the word "hunk" i just like that it rhymes with "month."Which reminds me of something else I hate:  I hate when dads think they're total geniuses because they can rhyme a few words. Great, now I'm thinking about dads which is possibly the most purely boring subject 
on earth. 

Listen, there are things more boring even than "daddy issues"-- At least the aesthetic of daddy issues is vaguely titillating... garish, sexed-up, polyester... We'd take this look over someone with GRANNY ISSUES any day! You know who you are... But back to our MIA hunk. Vote: NOBODY FOR HUNK '13.