Now i'm no food critic, but this salad leaves much to be desired. What's wrong? No garlic and no onions ARE a problem, wouldn't you agree? True, there's this nice feta, olives, etc. I added a handful of last night's rice (weird) which improved things though it's a placebo. Was indolence why she whipped it up w/o garlic and onions? Goooood question, hard to tell... it was that fuzzy zone of justification "don't wanna have garlic breath for once" tossed with laziness. Sorry, I'm sorry to myself. Now time for forgiveness. Hang on, a text! Sheeni sez ";-(". Poor baby! Bad timing. This wretched lunch comes down to that. Like, why the "dash" of sesame oil? Isn't real-time chaotic enough? Why yes, yes it is, but no improvement to be found in the bowl. She eats it anyway. Whatever. Thanks for chatting i feel better now.