A Medici to Spray Paint and Graffiti Artists

Neil Jenney


"Montana Dreams," Betty Tompkins, 1996

Jordon wolfson video


did u know i have a little crush on this guy???!

to me
noo i didnt know! have yoou met him? i like his work...i hear hes a real asshole!


Just seen him around... He was at that gala just one table away...He's cute. Who said he an ah hole?


Enjoying a Total Meltdown


The glass artist Jeff Zimmerman talks about his interest in performance and why “handblown” is an odd way to describe his work.

Dear Dakotah,

Bill accidentally erase your message today.  But he told me that you are looking for me.  I try your phone 97214307 but it does not accept phone call now.  Maybe I call too late.

However, Bill and I will be on the road tomorrow night to fly to Alkensa for some business.  Please call me or text me via my cellular nbr 23788.  If you can call tomorrow morning 8:30 to 9:30am I will be by the land line 931298.

Looking forward to chat.

for the record
as the centaur
I meant to throw Magnums out to the people

"Hidden Camera Catches Beagle Stealing Chicken Nuggets In Epic Style (VIDEO)"