Being The Hunk of the Month is a lot like life itself...

Scientific Studies Have Proven that every dog has his day; his own special moment to shine, to plié across the stage that is life with the spotlight on him and only him; to be on top, in demand, en vogue. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and only the wise man can see when he has lost his edge, past his prime, become irrelevant, is no longer hot. Like a perceptive guest, the wise man knows when the time has come to pack his bags, to take his hat from the hook, smile at his hosts and say, (with the perfect balance of emotion and restraint in his voice) "It's been great..." "Thanks for the laughs." "So long!" "Hasta la vista!" "Until next time." He knows, in other words, how to let hasbeens be hasbeens, not to take life so personally, to let go. And so he fades, with utmost grace, into geriatric anonymity (and, eventually, death.) We can only wish that such would be the case with so many countless other trends and celebrities-- impotent, embarrassing, lame--and yet they linger, yet they cling.

Though a Hunk from months past may, in the privacy of his own home, search for his name in the blogger archives and gaze at ancient posts with a nostalgic tear welling his melancholic eye, we can rest assured that he has the class not to stumble onto these "pages" and make a Chump of himself for all to see. That's because here at AH HOLE a Hunk of the Month is, in a way, always a Hunk-- that's why we pick em' and that's why we post em'. So thanks Chevy Chase, for the laughs (and now for the memories!) for letting us objectify you sexually, most of all for being yourself, such a natural, such a goofball, such a HUNK!

"steer rear"

Tropic of Bong

"End Mask," Vito Acconci, 1983

Larry Johnson

Untitled, Peter Rogiers, 2002

experience is as experience does

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Take a trip to "psych central" and find out!

Robert Irwin, Ed Moses, Craig Kauffman, Ken Price, Billy Al Bengston, and Larry Bell

Photo by Howard Wise


"Keep her where she blogs"

Nudashank Opening

"Escape From Spider Head," by George Saunders

"What happened next was, Heather soon looked super-good. And I could tell she thought the same of me. It came on so sudden we were like laughing. How could we not have seen it, how cute the other one was? Luckily there was a couch in the Workroom. It felt like our drip had, in addition to whatever they were testing, some ED556 in it, which lowers your shame level to like nil. Because soon, there on the couch, off we went. It was super-hot between us. And not merely in a horndog way. Hot, yes, but also just right. Like if you’d dreamed of a certain girl all your life and all of a sudden there she was, in your Domain."

"The Threatening Scent of Fertile Women"