(1928). International Journal of Psycho-Analysis

iiiiiiit's LEAP DAY!

"Sad movies are some of the best cinema has to offer, but what are the saddest movies of all? Some of the saddest movies involve character death, angst, and unresolved issue. Still others are emotionally jarring for the message conveyed. But why do we love sad movies? It brings us closer to our humanity as we feel the sensation of emotional release, and the saddest movies help us appreciate what we have in our lives."

Pete Wheeler

Pete WHEELER When I Roll, I Roll Deep, 2011
"She didn’t stop for well over an hour, nor did MoMA trustee Ann Tenenbaum or the collector couples Marty and Rebecca Eisenberg and Eileen and Michael Cohen. Soon MoMA PS1 director Klaus Biesenbach, Artists Space director Stefan Kalmár, former MoMA photography curator Peter Galassi, artist Ryan McNamara, Stipe, and even Chuck Close were on the floor, while Paulina Olowska performed a number of choreographed but inebriated pratfalls that had a few people wondering if she wouldn’t be safer at home."

Opening Tonight @ Clifton Benevento

515 Broadway, NY, NY

Hello? I Forgot My Mantra.

Nina Beier and Marie Lund, Paul Cowan, Aleksandra Domanovic, Melodie Mousset

February 25 - April 14, 2012

Opening Reception: February 25, Saturday 5-7pm

Opening Tonight @ Bull and Ram

Bull and Ram
270 Lafayette St. Suite 612

Joanne Greenbaum, Michael Berryhill, Keith Allyn Spencer, Paul Demuro, Jackie Gendel

Opening: February 25, 6-9 PM

Ken Price

Opening Tonight @ Luhring Augustine, Bushwick

Luhring Ausgustine
25 Knickerbocker Avenue
Bushwick, NY

Charles Atlas

The Illusion of Democracy

February 17 - May 20, 2012

Opening: Friday, February 17, 6 - 9 PM

Opening Tonight @ Martos Gallery

540 W. 29th St.

Robin Cameron
Elaine Cameron-Weir
Rochelle Goldberg

February 16 — March 17, 2012

Opening Reception
February 16, 6 — 8 pm

"Streetwear in Drapers IV," Alan Michael, 2011

Hunk Of the Month, Whoopi Goldberg

Black History Month? More like, Black HUNK of the Month. Is it racist? We'll never know. Anyway AH HOLE loves black people ('cept OJ, 'course). Hang on, Whoopi's Jewish? Goldberg - HELLLOOO. ANNNND GAY!?!!?!? WHOA-HA! Hold on fellas, only one minority per month at a time! O.K., O.K., We'll let Whoopi slide. Or JUMP, for that matter. Not HUNK material, you say? Think again. This African cutie is SPRUUUNG! You'll be wettin' your pants after watching Jumpin' Jack Flash - and I don't mean a dirty diaper.

This chick may be remembered for Sister Act and Ghost, which, yes, applause applause, but why haven't we all realized sooner the true HUNK that she is? CHECK YOURSELF. It'zzz February! Whoopi trumps the coolest of duh cool - style, attitude, wits, charm - she's got it all. It's time to RECOGNIZE. Let's pun like a Little Rascal and hear it for "WHOOOPIIEEEEEEE!"

Opening Tonight @ Open Space

Open Space/President Clinton Projects

44-02 23rd Street

Long Island City, NY 11101


Curated by Sun You

Ivin Ballen, Josh Blackwell, Vince Contarino, Paul DeMuro, Dennis Farber, Amy Feldman, Stacy Fisher, Joanne Greenbaum, Michelle Grabner, Eric Hibit, James Hyde, Lucy Kim, Yasue Maetake, Fabienne Lasserre, B. Wurtz

Opening Tonight @ Storefront Bushwick

Storefront Bushwick

16 Wilson Ave, BK, NY

Martin Bromirski, Rachel LaBine, and Elizabeth Riley

February 10 - March 11, 2012

Opening Tonight @ Maccarone

630 Greenwich Street

Ryan Sullivan
February 10 - March 17, 2012

Opening reception: Feburary 10, 2012

ROME -- The mystery surrounding the relationship between the

captain of the doomed Costa Concordia and a Moldovan woman seen

onboard with him took a new twist Wednesday when an Italian

magazine published a photo of the couple dining together on the French Riviera a month before the cruise liner ran aground.

The photo on the cover of "Chi" magazine showed Captain Francesco
Schettino and Domnica Cemortan, 25, sitting side-by-side, her
blonde hair brushing his shoulder as he held a platter of oysters aloft.