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Renaissance man's ability to take risks


You are cordially invited to attend Projections, a lecture by David Roesing.

On Monday, February 25th, Peradam will present Projections at the Museum of Modern Art Library, to coincide with the release of David Roesing's new book, Terror and the Narrative Tendency.

Borrowing its structure from the rhetoric of the American paranoid, Roesing's lecture connects cartoon violence; the rise of microfilm; aerial bombing in World War II; the history of the NRA; and arguments about the casualty rate from 9/11 to situate the sniper murders as a potent metaphor for the modern condition.

Like Roesing's book, the lecture is organized visually around a grid, employing it as a window, as a viewfinder, and as scaffolding for the artist's unique logic.

The lecture starts promptly at 7pm and will run about 40 minutes. Please arrive ahead of time to ensure entrance. MoMA's Library is located on the 6th floor of The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building, at 4 West 54 Street.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to 

Laughs Can Be Cheap at a Comedy Theater

The second controversial shot, featuring Emily DiDonato in an African desert, also include a tribal-looking, half-naked man carrying a spear:

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A Comedian as Artist

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Fighting for duel citizenship, these fellow Caucasians are tied for Chump and Hunk in this year's most historical Black History Month post ever.