Hunk Of the Month, Whoopi Goldberg

Black History Month? More like, Black HUNK of the Month. Is it racist? We'll never know. Anyway AH HOLE loves black people ('cept OJ, 'course). Hang on, Whoopi's Jewish? Goldberg - HELLLOOO. ANNNND GAY!?!!?!? WHOA-HA! Hold on fellas, only one minority per month at a time! O.K., O.K., We'll let Whoopi slide. Or JUMP, for that matter. Not HUNK material, you say? Think again. This African cutie is SPRUUUNG! You'll be wettin' your pants after watching Jumpin' Jack Flash - and I don't mean a dirty diaper.

This chick may be remembered for Sister Act and Ghost, which, yes, applause applause, but why haven't we all realized sooner the true HUNK that she is? CHECK YOURSELF. It'zzz February! Whoopi trumps the coolest of duh cool - style, attitude, wits, charm - she's got it all. It's time to RECOGNIZE. Let's pun like a Little Rascal and hear it for "WHOOOPIIEEEEEEE!"