Hunk of the Month, Amy Goodman

OK righteous queefers, we know you love secrets. Secret jokes......secret gloves.....secret blogs... secret robes (uh, nice tassels)... But keep your eyes on this badonkadonkdonk, why don't you? As in, put this stogie in your blunt and beat it. Amy Goodman is the name and Democracy Now! is the game, "playas". Like, no hetero but, fuck secrets! This hunk is off the charts! And fuck the radio too when we can watch Amy stream in realtime every day the week @
We all wonder: How does she do it? On Top, that's how, Monday thru Friday. "Good-Man" is right. Democracy Now! may be trapped in a folk-genre nightmare when it comes to musical interludes, but when we see bombshell Amy, all we hear is Jewel's on-target lyric: "Picked up the paper, it was more bad news. My hearts been broken, the people been uuuused."