Attention yung profeshnuls, guess what? Today is your favorite word. "Friday," bitches. Time to bungee off the corporate ladder for a sec but not to worry, there's a crowd below to surf on! Cowabunga! Lallapalooza! Bonnaroo! Woops, one Iphone down in mudpit! Haha, too fucked up. Really letting
go. Plus ecstasy is socially acceptable now so you can spread the raunchy details come Blue Monday. Yes, this could beyou! Just FYI gas is $3.89 a gal so if your gunna zip car or enterprise or whatever just, like, bring your plastic--DUH!-- and bring me along--double DUH!-- I'll blog it! CARPOOL, WOOT WOOT. Then again I need a colon cleanse is that OKAY?