Hunk of The Month: HYNEK

$@Pozdravy brown-nosers! What rhymes with "scenic" and is easier on the eyes than any vista you'll ever see? Oui oui weirdos, AH HOLE'S $@Comeback Hunk is none other than kissable cousin and √úbermensch

Blog it or not, there's a lot more to H.A. than meets the eye...Translation? Hynek is more than a eurobabe with insanely sassy hair and a rakish grin that will LITERALLY make your heart scream "$@oyvey!" 

He's also a:
  >great dancer, 
          >photogenic guy, &
    >a semi famous
black person back in the oldecountry. 
Allow us to explain... Hynek may not look black, and he's not, not technically, but that 

doesn't stop him from being president our dreams!!!!!!!!!

Too good for this world? Not convinced guys like this actually exist?

exist? We'll be the first to admit that 
Alternative Hunks like Hynek do tend to keep a low profile in exotic destinations far removed from the sneakered footfall of your every-day globe-trotter... So what rhymes
with frog and is arguably the most hoppin metropolis in $@Bohemia ProperPRAUGE! DOI! We say: take Gay Parie and shove it! New York's $@Sister Sity "Prague" is to "Europe" what "AH HOLE" is to "AH HOLE"!

Now that we're all in the mood for some hard-core sight-seeing, allow us to draw back the curtain upon a mental picture of the domain where flat-out sophistication, whimsical quirk, and brutal totalitarian sexiness meet in a bold, creatively exuberant-- yet responsible-- visual gala of good looks and panache. Observe! The IKEA showroom! We bring this display to mind to underscore the fact that European design has its hand around "HOTT" and won't let go! And with examples like our young Hynek, we're forced to conclude that these $@design-smarts extend a very long way beyond bunk beds and tasteful shelving units! What we are arguing is that Europe has style DIALED... from fashion, to design, to The Euro, to MEN. As an All American Blog, we Salute Europe! But from down our knees where we are also thanking God for creating a 100%2thumbswayupHUNKnamed HYNEK.