"First let me send out a huge FUCK YOU to Artinfo.com for “re-blogging” my “blog.” This isn’t a blog asshole… (I don’t know what the fuck artinfo is so that’s why I’m guessing singular)… It’s “birdtalk.” And I’ve been “birding” since 1990. Check out early issues of Purple Magazine if you don’t believe me. And yes, ‘twitter’ stole my idea and even had the one testicle to use a “bird” as their icon. But did I sue them? No. And why? I don’t believe in copyright. You can take, steal, use, borrow, share and “appropriate” any idea I have and I won’t give a shit. It’s a free concert and I’ve got plenty of ideas. (More where that came from). And why do I “bird”? So I can empty all the stupid crap that piles up in my head before it explodes into fingernails on a blackboard and drives me insane. (I would take drugs again but I’ve got a family to feed). Do I care if anybody reads this shit? Does the Pope Smoke DOPE? No. For all I care, artinfo.com can fuck the horse that I rode in on and fuck the bartender too. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin…"