Chump of the Month

Hey Chump, you know who you are. Yes you. You think 2012 is all about you? Think you can march right into our life and take over, take advantage, take souls. Power trips, moneybags, this, that, and the other! Geeez, get a
on reality, buster! Bloggers have feelings, too. Dah big apple has e-nuff of your kind parading down Broadway. You think you're an alternative mogul? Glitter, jazz, snazz, Duchamp, uptown, downtown, Little Italy - There's no such thing as "Indie Wall Street", FOOL. You think you can lure AH HOLE in like some tripped-out little broad at a Halloween party? You think luck be a lady? You think you're Bohemian? Think you're an honorary AH HOLE? Think Again. Listen up, Chump, schemes are to AH HOLE what jive is to hands. Drop your ego at the door.