Hunk of the Month, Dirk Bogarde

Scoundrel. Cameleon. Debbonaire. Hunk. Some say "Nothing says Dirk Bogarde like DIRK BOGARDE," but we say "Nothing says Dirk Bogarde like when AH HOLE cums in it's pants!" Now we'll show you blogSPOT! This underground rascal may not catch your eye at first glance, but believe you me, keep watching! Go on, watch The Night Porter,watch The Servant. We DARE you. Afterwards you'll feel like a real peeping Tom - and that's exactly what he wants! "Touch me, teach me, eat me, beat me!" He will have you screaming! Oh, those subtle glances, that sly grin....What IS he thinking? You KNOOOOW it's bbbbbbBAD! Girls, boys, masters, maids - doesn't matter as long as it's causing trouble! What a Devil - devilishly handsome, that is. A true unappreciated suave of the sixties and seventies. Homo but, who cares when this fag has you up his sleeve. Thanks for starting off the New Year as AH HOLE'S January Hunk of the Month, Dirk. RIP.