Chump of the Month


To all our devoted viewers out there surfing the World-Wide-Web ("www"), AH HOLE AH HOLE would like to take this opportunity to address July's LoC ("Lack of Chump").

A Chump-free month on AH HOLE may be as inconcievable as a bedbug-free mattress in Brooklyn, but that's exactly why you better cherish it while it lasts. Rest assured, we had some candidates in mind... Rupert Murdoch perhaps? (getting hacked is one of AH HOLE's biggest fears...) National news heavy-hitter Casey Anthony? (cue the O.J. Simpson flashbacks!), Local Chump Levi Aron? (the RANDO murderer of the Hasidic boy in Brooklyn.) Alas, they all seemed too easy, generic, predictable.

Well, we thought, who needs a Chump anyway? Especially this July, when so many positive things are happening all over the world. Like, CAN I GET A WITNESS? for example. Matt? Josh? YoYo? You would be retarded not see this show... Actually, if you miss this show, you will be the Chump of next month-- we mean it!-- and anyone with half a brain and a laptop knows nothing could be more humiliating than that.

If you are not aware, there's only one week left! Jaunting up to gay ol' West 26th Street should be at the tippy-top of your "to-do" list. We want to see YOUR signature in the Art Blog sign-in book - now! You'll be sweating Mystic Truths all summer long, pissing in Pismo, drooling the 1970's out your Ah Hole, ... Okay, okay, so we're making up for the LoC by promoting the best art show this side of Babylon ...big deal! We'll shut up about it soon, don' worry. Believe you us, all we want is to share the Jah.