Is I dweaming? The grinny grin grins of the synched falsetto boogie castrati. Is I high? Did it happen at all? Hey young blogger let it go! you might say, let it go, it means nothing, best thing we can do is laugh, laugh that it ever happened, ha ha! But I am transfixed. The New Millennium is coming back to me, I remember now, I see it all. My eyeballs rock in their sockets like some kind of Raskolnikov. I experience an ecstatic suicide.
She wasn't dreaming. Now she is conked out in front of the screen. Her Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing fingers are frozen forevermore in position on the keys. The video plays doggedly through to the end up there on the laptop. She is lying down, of course, in bed. She was just browsing the web, browsing some half-life from the early 2000s. Cornell West had come on the radio earlier while she was gardening. He was speaking about being in solidarity with three dimensions- the past, the present and the future. He said he wanted to be in solidarity with Martin Luther King. She thought he was very charismatic and enlivening. Well now her double-chin is showing, isn't it? Maybe a little drool. So eerie how the music video plays on after she is gone. Very cinematic, actually-- a director could use that, well, one probably has. It's probably been done a thousand times. Life goes on. People all over the globe are crunching potato chips into their mouths presently; sodas popped open with the same old wonderful snap. There are kids googling everything. Everything under the sun; they say for every war out there there's a Wikipedia page. They say for every Wikipedia page there are ten or more other Wikipedia pages. Actually no body says this, or if they do, they needn't, it's just a fact.