Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everyone knows popularity is more important than ever these days, so we're here to catch up with myself and get the proverbial "scoop" on what's hot and what's not... in my refrigerator.  First thing this smoring, after a few fresh-brewed coffees, of course, I jotted down a list-- kind of inspired by the awesome "10 Things You Should Know About What I Eat, But Probably Don't " lists I've been seeing floating around the web-- to pair with some enticing photos I snapped on my phone. Basically I wanted to map out the coolest regions (and darkest corners) of that totally crucial home appliance I call my fridge! Also, this may seem like a tangent, and maybe it is, but i put on some (very bright) lipstick last night and wow did that spice up the normally yawn train ride home. Fa, La, La!  

OKAY, let's dig in: 

1. You may not know this about me, but I've always loved the stuff that goes on on the sidelines. Maybe there's just something about oblique angles, or maybe I'm just more of a "producer" than a moviestar, I donno, but there's just something so fascinating to me about the gaff tape and black stage-hand outfits of life, the almost imperceptible romances taking place on the bleachers as the quarter-back scores his big thing... Anyway, all that to say that in a City like New York, there's a lot happening and this swingin' side door  is no exception to the rule! Zoom zoom ZOOM! I hardly know where to look, and I think I like it. With so much for the eye to feast on, I could totally forget  what I came there for in the first place-- which is cool and I think in certain ways Zen. While I've definitely seen more condiments per square foot, the populous below is nothing to sniff at, and, my god, look at all the gorgeous containers! Glass, plastic, cardboard, you name it! Also, not to get all woo woo, but doesn't that half-drunken Corona Tall Boy evoke such a party vibe? Not to mention making me totally homesick for the hot days of summer :/ Also (sorry, the pic isn't great) if you direct your attention to the upper right, you'll see it looks like I'm pretty dang Cheese Rich this season! Yep, that's gouda. Maple Syrup? Check. Aloe Vera? Check. Tamari? HELL YES. 

Bon Appetite:  

2. I am aware of how prosperous I seem right now, and I want you to know that I have a little mantra about it: Food food food food food ! Yes yes yes yes yes! I bet you're wondering, "what's in that pot?" well, it's mashed potatoes and cauliflower ! True the (red) onion on the upper left should probably be tossed along with that tub of cole-slaw from three weeks ago, but it's a tough thing for me... while I know this is all part of "the cycle",  I also have somewhat of a "liveand let live" philosophy... I like to honor things on their own terms, let them be, let them flourish in their own weird way (when was the last time you asked yourself what it's really like to be aging brown rice in a bowl with just a tattered piece of Saran Wrap for a roof?). Anyway, see that GIANT bar of Toblerone on the lower left? That was a gift, thank you very much. Not for me, for my roommate from her dad, but still. While I'll admit it's gone out of style a little bit, I'm still proud to have it in there. Okay, fasten your jackets, it's time to hit the freezer!

3.You know what kind of coffee that is? Intelligentsia.  

4.Nobody's too svelte to be gluten-free around here! Le Pain Quotidian, indeed! Ezekial Bread. Häagan Dazs. Ice, Ice, Baby! Sour Grapes? Nope, frozen.