Hunk of The Month, JAN TERRI

Meanwhile Back @ The Ranch.... 
                              "LIVE AND UNTAMED"  

While you slip on different shoes in front of the mirror, order ginger, carrot, kale juice, and try to envision how your ass might look as you leaf thru books at The New  Museum, there is someone, someone very, very special, living a mind-bending genre of la vida loco you probably wouldn't be able to understand, let alone see or hear so FUCK YOU. 


Having seen and thoroughly enjoyed Jan Terri on YouTube, you can imagine our pure delight when we popped in this VHS we found at a garage sale in Venice Beach. What a performer! "Wock N Woll Santa!"

RENEGADE. She's a wild one

Terri may seem to exist in a perpetual meanwhileBecause she  does.This is exactly why we are hooked. 

The problem with legalizin it is taxation and regulation, in a word: 

As such, we celebrate that which is too raw, meaning hazardous, to be packaged...sold...or even listened to. Keep on rockin on the free web, Jan! We don't wanna lose you tonight!