Cody's Rules- Down Cody's Way it's Cody's Rules. Listen, you like trash? That's Cody's Trash. You like cats? Those are Cody's Cats. Cody's Crowd, Cody's Boys, Cody's Trash, Cody's Bunk, Cody's Toys. Do you like Cody? (:Check yes ;) Hey you! Cody's Mirror? An infinite mirror. Cody's shadow is not Cody's Shadow. Cody's Trash is a crazy 8. Cody's Car, fuck you, that car is gone, or it's rusted, or she sold it, or mushrooms grew inside. Cody's Frogs, Cody's Grammar, Cody's Tears. "Don't cry Cody!" Cody's Class is second-class. CodyCa$h is cheap. Cody's Teeth are oily. Cody's Shoes are on the Rack with Sheenie's shoes and guess what, duh, it's falling over. Cody's Rack. Cody's Closet, Cody's Chefs. CodyCrunk. Cody is crying on the subway again. Cody is crying on her skateboard, in the car, on the ferry, she is crying on horseback again, Bareback! Sidesaddle! Yehaw! She is crying on her rollerblades, she is crying riding piggyback, on her bike, she is crying on the escalator, in the elevator, the ski lift, the jet ski. Members Only is Cody's Jacket, Cody's Squat, Cody's Home Remedy. Is Cody Rick Ross? Don't tell Cody.
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