Tonight @ KGB

"Your Movie Friends are turning on the fire tonight! Things are gonna get hot under the collar and inflame your soul as buried needs erupt in a torrent of engulfing emotion! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: LOVE - that's the name of the movie and that's the name of the game - what it's ALL about - what we all know in The End - and what director Andrzej Zulawski keeps screaming to Heaven and Hell! If You've seen his POSSESSION you'll know what you're in for - if you're seeing it tonight - make it a double dynamite night! If you haven't seen it, you'll want to after this one! Passion and Pornography! Photography and Pheremons! Love Triangles and Troubadours! Screaming and more Screaming! Sex and...a Samuri?!?!? And - the most important thing: LOVE! (Some other important things: Fabio Testi! Jacques Dutronc! The never better Romy Schneider! And Klaus Kinski!) Also important: KGB, 11PM, and free as usual..." - The Son of Madblood