AH HOY and GREETINGS from POPEYE'S CLOSET! The cross-eyed dankness of POPEYE'S CLOSET! The "Off Broadway" closet where Popeye keeps his 2 best mates. Nuff giblets 2 go round in here AND we hooked up to the Gravy Spigot PLUS we got that Wireless Slaw. Yup, life is-- ah life!-- a skippadydo-da-yay in
this cozy Cajun cubby! HOWEVER, shit's dirty--grubby gumbo's what passes 4 "air" in here-- so don't forgetta scrub a dub dubstep each day, kids! Hose that good ol' M train grime clean off your hot little bodykins! Or don't-- go Gutterpunk! Try on any hats! Stir some dreads inta that head! Do whatever the f@#k you wanna! Just be soulful! Just be freeeeeeeeeeeyeeehaaaaw! God it's spicy! God it's salty/sweeeet! Somethin' sizzling? "Things" abubblin? YOU BET! sorta cheap too and ambient risk no xxxtra charge-- won't be finding that in your stale Manhatto cracker, no sireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;) ;) POPEYE'S CLOSET is always gently-fried never gentrified, so enter @ ur own risk, cuties, and don't you dare be a C-H-I-C-K-E-N.