// __ Myself:
._ I am an adult male and work as a teacher
._ Profession: Physicist/Mathematician/researcher/Tech monkey/author
._ Trade: Math, literacy teacher, software developer
._ working time: teaching mornings and/or afternoons classes
._ Life Style: I -literally- love to code and read
._ As you could notice, I prefer to clearly clarify everything upfront; no verbal playfulness, assumptions or "expectations".
.__ I am a quiet, pretty easy and busy fellow (Don't even own a TV-set (for whatever is it worth anyway ;-)) People consider me to be a down to earth no drama guy. I don't chat much, but I would go out of my way to help other people
.__ If you want to hear my experience about sharing your place: it is neither like buying a tomato, nor like somehow becoming family; in a sense it is (should be ;-)) a bit of the best of both. We would both save some money, but you don't just do it for the money since it does not pay to be bothered. Also it is a chance to just be nice to one another with no hassle or strings attached. I don't expect "sexual favors" or "attention" of any kind to my private matters from my roommates (girls (apparently with unpleasant experiences) have actually told me).
I have made friends with most people that have shared my apartment (most of them busy fellows minding their business like yours truly), to the point of wondering why people were complaining about their roommates ... until I had my bad experience! Once I had a very unpleasant incident with a woman because "I was strange" (she meant I didn't pay attention to her) ...

// __ Other "Things":

I love it around here in Inwood. Measurably, the area in NYC with with the highest nature/peopling ratio and the least defaced parks! The only place in the city where you can get an actual sense of nature! There are two rivers (or 1(1/2) ;-)) and three large parks around here (just for me ;-)) and, of course, birds love it around here, too; loudly crowing ravens may wake you up in the morning and you will likely get some stuff "from heaven" if you live around here long enough ;-). Google maps' street view gives you some shadowy (and rather outdated) idea of this area. The last picture is from the Fort Tryon Promenade

You might be disappointed to see that this is not the NYC of the 80's any longer ;-) If you want to actually compare neighborhoods, go realestate.yahoo.com, then on "Research neighborhoods nationwide" enter the zip code for this area (10034) and compare it to areas mid- (10036) and downtown (10004). This is by large a Hispanic (mostly Dominican) (former Jewish (still some areas)) neighborhood, (unfortunately :-)) getting gentrified fast. All kinds of people (from Japanese teenage students to European artists) have lived here and nothing has ever happened to any of them

After this post you could have an idea of the kind of guy I am and the extent we would be compatible. As part of getting the room we would both print and sign a copy of this post (including some picture ID (without unnecessary identifying info)) as a letter of understanding/bona fide contract

That was intense! ;-) (I think) it is much better to skim over this in a few seconds than taxing our attention with back and forth chatter. Also I didn't like when I was looking for a place myself and people would not fully disclose what the deal was all about or they would misrepresent it.

If you (are not a [spammer|telemarketer|con artist] and) are interested in the room and/or have any other questions, get back to me (López) via de craigslist e-mail address first. Then if, we are compatible (this is not a rooming house ;-)), I will contact you for us to talk, so make sure you give me a number to call you even if you don't live in the US (everyone posting housing offerings on craigslist has been authenticated via the SSL protocol and phone messages anyway). After we talk, I could e-mail to you more info about the area/place/myself and you could drop by to check out the room yourself.