Chump of the Month: Nazis

Mazel tov,Chump fans! Sorry for the year-long delay. Upon discussion for the mid-March Chump, it was a true debate: "Nazis...or Jared Leto?" Tough call. Even though bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Leto is more relevant - even more controversial, one might argue, we chose NAZIS. Events that (never) happened 80-some years ago still seem to haunt us. Whose pointing the finger now, Leto? 


(Watch out, Jared! That car is about to hit YOU!)

Some contemporary bullies think it's funny and offensive to call sweet, young, American-born girls of German descent "NAZI" at a party - well, they're right! Except who's not half-Jewish these daze? Leto? Is that why he's in a Jesus costume? But seriously, not every German in the U.S. is a foreign exchange student! 

I'm getting off track. I mean, check out my grandma's belongings in the Holocaust Museum.

Wait, did the Holocaust even happen? 

When's my Bat Mitzvah, bitch? 

I wanna be 13 again. Sigh. Actually, scratch that - we all know 13 sucks balls. Especially if you were 13 in 1930's Germany. 

Once an old lady in Amsterdam told me I 'kinda looked like Anne Frank.' What's the best compliment YOU'VE ever gotten?