Hi awesomely hip New York friends,

I am planning an event in New York for one of my clients, a Santa Cruz-based company about to launch some supremely cool and music-oriented headphones. The event will capture a beachy California-in-the-sixties vibe, and we'd like to invite/hire some great local musicians playing relevant music. The internal team would prefer to have the event in Brooklyn but the client seems set on Manhattan.

My questions for you!

- Do you have any recommendations for event spaces that can be segmented into at least two spaces, or that have an upstairs/downstairs situation, or an indoor/outdoor (including rooftop) situation? (One area will need to be quiet while the other area will be host a musician or dj.)
- Do you know any awesome local musicians playing beachy vibes? Or an on-point dj?
- Are there any tastemakers/lifestyle bloggers/musicians who absolutely should be invited to this party?

Thank you for letting me pick your brain!