If you, unlike us, made it out of the 90s with your genitals intact, then-- but no, no, no, no. That's incorrect. One must be careful with the tone one takes in this world. Two must be even carefuler. All we are trying to say is thumbs up if you're still reading this in 2013. And we mean it, sincerely. Bravo! Are there scientific studies to prove that you're a bad bitch? Nope, but listen: to put a different spin on an old number, we could invoke that fateful era when the dot com bubble "popped" and there were $50 bottles of Pinot selling for $7.99 at Canned Grocery Outlet. YELLO, if that's not a bargain... even for a rich person... even for anybody... FUCK. Moreover, its good for our confidence (raises testosterone levels, reduces cortisol) to say "HELLO world, I work hard for the money"!!