Hunk Of The Month

Take It To The Bridge! Jeff Bridges, a star who needs no introduction, is AH HOLE's August's Hunk. Hot as a summer's day, Jeff is the ideal guy when all everybody wants to do is makeout on the beach. He may look a little dumb-- and believe you us, that's part of why we love him! -- but Jeff is one of those versatile Hunks who just cannot be typecast. A real natural. And if you don't buy it? Ponder, for a moment, this: what would the world be without Jeff Bridges? Don't pretend a lump didn't rise in your throat at the thought of such a terrible scenario... your body knows even if your mind stubbornly refuses to consent. Furthermore, had you been there to observe Jeff's birth in John Carpenter's 1984 flick Starman, you would have seen that on his caul was this word--in the palest membrane-- etched: HUNK.