If you think I'm hot well then good. I think you're cool and I want to be friends. If you have any questions for me, just ask, seriously, I mean it. Basically I'm a very nice, all American frog--just want to having good times. People get so serious :( I just want to laugh. I'm glad you like my smile. Some say I look like Jennifer Aniston !!! I'm a real open-minded frog, real mature and laid back, not some snappy little tadpole. Just want to have fun, maybe splash around a bit, you know, in the water or whatever but I'm okay to get dirty too ;) Some say I'm wild but don't be scared--I always look before I leap! I don't have any friends here--you're literally the only guy I know-- so come by the hole sometime and get to know a little better! I'm a real caring frog, love to taking care of my guy, show him a good time, giving him massages. I'm up for adventures but also down with R&R, very athletic and full of fun-- I'm a real catch and my ex Lorenzo who I told you about before was just such a fag.