"u guys should meet up secretly"

"really? ya cuz one of my friends has been doing drugs CONSTANTLY, mostly extascy (however u spell it) and its mainly all she can talk about lately....she even ignores me in algebra class since she found out this one girl does ecstascy too and its hard to even have a normal conversation anymore, she acts bored or un-interested unless it has to do with drugs or gettin high or some shit like that...."

"cuz he wasnt worth it in the end and me and her have been good friends for a long time, she warned me he might hurt me but i didnt want to believe her but she was right. she already broke up with him and hates him now too and not talking to him or seeing him, so we put that in the past and moved on cuz he was just a jerk in the end i guess cuz after we broke up turns out he was talking a bunch of shit about me and kept ignoring me everytime i tried saying hi after. so ya haha...ya i know huh its so sad...but i gained friends through the breakup cuz all his old friends began talking to me first bout him and soon we all became good friends.. lol. wow well tats good but rly sad :( u guys should meet up secretly..."

"cool!! :) btw i finally went out with the guy i liked forever!! then we recently broke up :( "